Standohyd Plus Basecoat Effect (Mix 349) Mystic Violet 250 ml.


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Standohyd Plus Basecoat Effect (Mix 349)

Article reference 02055149
Material code 4024669551495

Solid, metallic, pearl colours.
Application in a single spray process (One Visit Application).
Easy to blend in.
Outstanding colour accuracy.
Good opacity.
Contains less than 10 % organic solvent.
High coverage.

Standohyd Plus is one of the most efficient and proven passenger car basecoat systems. It is a water-based low solvent and environmentally-responsible system which offers outstanding colour accuracy and efficient application combined with superior quality for metallic and solid colours.
Product name Standohyd Plus Basecoat Mix 349 Mystic Violet
Article reference 02055149
Usage area

Passenger Cars

Unit contains 0.25 LT
Items per carton 4 units
Net weight 0.295 KG
Gross weight 0.377 KG
Density 1.049
Solvent 13.987%


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