Standox Voc Xtreme Astar U7600 – Gri – 3.5 Lt.


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Standox Voc Xtreme Astar U7600 – Gri – 3.5 Lt.

Article reference 02078085
Material code 4024669780857

Simple 1:1 mixing ratio with Standox Xtreme Filler Hardener.
Convenient application with excellent vertical stability.
One Visit Application – up to four coats.
Super smooth flow directly from the spray gun.
Very impressive air-drying performance. It can be sanded from as early as *20 minutes air-dry time. (*dependant on local climate conditions).
Very flexible drying options; IR and low bake also possible with shortest drying times.
Micro Repair, panel and multi panel repairs, in fact any type of repair of any size can be handled at the same time, thanks to air-drying.
Provides outstanding gloss hold-out after top coating.
Available in three colours: white, grey and black.
For metal substrate pretreatment use of Express Prep Wipes U3000 is mandatory.
VOC Xtreme Filler and Express Prep Wipes are the foundation of the Standox 1Day Repair concept.

Based on new chemistry, the VOC Xtreme Filler U7600 from Standox is a revolutionary product that provides a significant improvement in the preparation process. The filler is applied in a single spray process (One Visit Application). With a very impressive air-drying performance it is suitable for all bodyshops who want to free-up capacity for additional work and to improve efficiency.
Product name Standox VOC Xtreme Filler U7600
Article reference 02078085
Usage area

Passenger Cars

Unit contains 3.5 LT
Items per carton 3 units
Net weight 6.017 KG
Gross weight 6.426 KG
Density 1.719
Solvent 20.529%


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